A Lesson In ‘Australian’ For My International Friends
A Lesson In ‘Australian’ For My International Friends

A Lesson In ‘Australian’ For My International Friends

Being an international class-room with an Australian bloke (definition to follow) up the front, I get regular emails from some of my international (mainly American) visitors wondering what the heck I’m talking about when I use certain terms and words.

While most Australians are reasonably familiar with American culture and language, having grown up watching American sit-coms, going to American movies and listening to American music… it appears that the majority of Americans (and Canadians) know very little about the Aussie culture, language or sense of humour.

So in an attempt to bridge the conversational gap, I have decided to publish edition one of Craig’s guide to the Aussie language. I don’t want to overload you in your first lesson so I’ll be gentle, patient and brief. If you ever want to integrate seamlessly into the Australian culture, you’ll need to master at least some of the following words:

Arvo – afternoon (let’s meet this arvo at your house)

Barbie – barbecue

Bingle – motor vehicle accident (I had a bingle on the way to work)

Bloke – man, guy

Bloody – very (it is bloody hot today)

Blowie – blow fly

Bludger – lazy person (that bloke standing near the barbie is a bludger)

Blue – fight (verbal or fist)

Boofhead – likeable idiot (give me a hug ya big boofhead)

Bushie – someone who lives in the Bush

Coldie – a beer (I feel like a coldie)

Chook – a chicken (I’m having a coldie and some chook for dinner)

Daks – trousers (I spilled half of my coldie on my daks)

Dinky-di – the real thing, genuine (he’s a dinky-di bloke)

Fair dinkum – true, genuine (Is that fair dinkum?)

Footy – Australian Rules Football

Franger – condom

G’Day – hello; the great Australian greeting (G’day mate)

Garbo – municipal garbage collector

Greenie – environmentalist

Grouse – fantastic, great, very good (we had a grouse time at the party)

Hooroo – goodbye

Mate – buddy, friend (he’s my best mate)

Pash – kiss ( I pashed a girl at the party)

Rack off – go away (rack off ya boofhead)

Ripper – fantastic, great (what a ripper game)

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