How to Make an Idea a Reality
How to Make an Idea a Reality

How to Make an Idea a Reality

Have you ever come up with a great idea, and then turned on the tv and saw it for sale? I have! This is ideas being turned into reality. The difference between you and them is that they did something about it. Now you know this, you can too.   Grow the Ideas

So what’s the big secret? It’s action. Just like I’m sitting here and writing these articles. There are certain actions that get results. I call these actions “the grind” Doing these actions is what gets results, like me writing this article. Just like nike ™ you have got to “just do it.”

When you have OCD, you’ve got to realize that in order for you to beat it, you’ve got to first have the idea in your head. Then you’ve got to accept this idea as a possibility. Apply what’s in this article toward your OCD and you’ll be way ahead of the game!

Do you have a great idea? You do? What are you DOING about it? Are you organizing your desk? Are you checking and re-checking your e-mail and myspace ™ instead of doing real research about your idea?

So part of turning an idea and making it into a reality is writing down “the grind” actions, the actions that will get you results, like when you go to work and clock in and do your job, that’s working “the grind.” That is what gets you paid.

You’ve got to cut away non-grind activities like organizing your desk, checking e-mails, etc. These things are not what get you paid! They don’t get you closer to making your dream a reality. Once you realize this you can break up “the grind” actions into simple easy steps. For me, I write ten articles a day, most people write less, Some write more, but for me 10 was enough to be a challenge, yet manageable with my schedule.

You’ve got to do the same thing. Say that you have an idea for a plastic wind-chime. You should write down “the grind” actions that will get you closer to your goal, such as one/ research online without checking mail or anything else, how to get a patent, what manufacturers to contact, what investors to contact, etc. Write down their contact information and call them.


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